Frequently Asked Questions

How do we select finishes?

Most selections will be made at our suppliers’ showrooms.  Even though we have samples at our office, its nearly impossible to have on hand all of the options available.  We have found that having a preplanned schedule of selection meetings that don’t exceed more than two hours at a time significantly helps not only with the selection process but the mental fatigue that can set in from looking at too many different options at one time.

What about change orders?

Our goal is to have as much detail and complete selections as possible before we ever start the building process but, it is completely understandable that you may change your mind.  Our approach to change orders work like this example;  Let’s say you decide you want to change your hardwood selection.  There are a few things that will have to be addressed.  If the hardwoods have not been ordered or scheduled there is not a change order fee.  However, if you want to change your flooring and the material has been ordered and or scheduled the change order fee is whatever the supplier charges to restock, order and or reschedule the install plus what ever the agreed upon change order fee is at the time of contract.  Change orders should be avoided as much as possible to avoid delays and potential mistakes that can happen due to the process.  

How much communication can we expect through the build process?

Communication is essential to a good experience while building a new home.  A weekly or bi monthly report of upcoming events will be sent to the customer so they have an idea of what to expect through the building process.

Do you handle the building permits and approvals?

Yes, RMR Homes wants to be involved in your new home project from the very beginning so we have all of the information we need to not only start and finish your home but to make sure that all the correct details and information are known before construction begins.

When it comes to allowance items are they transferable?

We use allowances for items like appliances, lighting, cabinets, flooring etc…A good example of this question is as follows.  Let’s say you have a $10,000 appliance allowance but you find a great deal and only spend $7,000 you have an additional $3,000 that you can apply anywhere else in your remaining allowances.

What is your expected build time?

Build times vary from project to project.  Taking into account unforeseen obstacles such weather, contract labor or materials etc… most homes once passed horizontal improvements should be finished with in a 12 month period. 

Can you help with house plan design?

Yes!  RMR Homes can help you find a plan to modify or help you design one from scratch.

Do you offer any kind of warranty?

Yes.  RMR Homes offered an in house warranty of 60 days and 11 months.  60 days after you move in we will come back to address any issues that may arise.  At the 11 month mark we will come back again to make sure all warranty items are in working and cosmetic order.  There are several details that go into warranty items which are generally discussed during the contract phase of construction.  Customers can also purchase a 2/10 builder warranty from a 3rd party broker.

What types of homes do you build?

RMR Homes builds new single family residential homes.  Styles of homes range greatly from traditional to farmhouse and modern to craftsman styles.  Whatever our customers are looking for we can build it.

What areas of North Carolina do you build?

RMR Homes primarily builds in and around the Hickory area.  However, we will build in the adjoining counties as well such as Iredell, Alexander, Catawba and Caldwell Counties.

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